Gangsta Imperialism

Jordan is outraged.  No, not me.  Not even Michael Jordan.  The Hashemite Kingdom, however,  is a-tizzy.  The brutally barbaric burning of its captured and encaged pilot, a Muslim, has set off a firestorm.  Abdullah returned to Amman.  And two ISIS prisoners, one female, were swiftly hung in retaliation.  I’m outraged that until recently, the Jordanians blamed the downing of the pilot on their participation in a US-led coalition.  It took this fiery fatality to make them realize that ISIS is nothing more than armed posers making a land grab, veiled behind a version of Islam not recognized by 99% of the Muslim world.

Jordan is ishkabible.  Am I feeling under the weather?  Am I seeing spots?  No.  Because I was immunized.  Thanks to my non-inbred (thank you Ancestry DNA test), non-blindly conservative nor ridiculously liberal, science believing parents.  Measles were battled to the brink, but is trying to fight it’s way back one unvaccinated body at a time and make a new beachhead–just like ISIS.  Yet, even the cretins of ISIS vaccinate.

Jordan is discombobulated.  Speaking of Jordan and land grabs:  the Seattle Seahawks were half a yard (18 inches) from winning all the marbles.  Would ISIS pass?  Would the measles?  Would Michael Jordan?  No.  You give it to Lynch (a name ISIS can get behind). Instead, the New England Deflatriots walk away with the W and Tom Brady’s 4th title.  Some argue that he’s the greatest passer ever.  But what would MJ have to say about that?  “Talk to me when he has 6!”

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Son of Blog

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Kim Jong Un must die!

No, not really.  Well…maybe.  He is a ruthless dictator who brutally represses his people, or so I’m told.  And, he has a bad haircut.  But, I digress.   The point is I am utilizing this scarcely read blog o’mine to exercise my constitutional right to freedom of speech.  A right that took a severe beating this week when Sony let the spineless movie chains dictate what films may be screened.  I was looking forward to The Interview.  Even Obama did nothing to let creative expression prevail.  He did however concede the cold war to Cuba…but that’s probably a good thing.

Doesn’t Kim Jong Un realize it’s just a satire.  His protestations are better targeted elsewhere…Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles anyone?  Hitler had a better sense of humor when Charlie Chaplin released The Dictator.  Oh wait, he killed 12 million people.  Will they cancel the Superbowl when the Russians don’t like the way the Bears are portrayed?  Well, at least we won’t have to worry about that this winter.

UnknownUh oh!…I’ve been hacked!!  The Guardians of Peace (funny how they have the same initials as the other ultra conservative, liberal bashing group known as the Grand ol’ Party (GOP)) have broken into my blog and have threatened to release by unpublished posts (e.g. List Monday: best fashion of the 80’s) unless I take down my post on Yiddish words for Penis.  Well, I won’t do it.  Pyongyang be damned. Pyongyang sounds like a Korean word for penis.

I will, however, stand in solidarity with those American heroes Seth Roggin and James Franco and not release another blog post until The Interview is seen by the masses.  Maybe I should blog from a country with artistic freedoms…like Cuba!

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Happy birthday Dude!


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Happy birthday Peeper!

moms side bm_2_2

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A letter Jilly wrote

Period 3/4
September 7, 2014

Dear Mrs.Hanley,

My name is Jillian , I was born on June 23, 2003, in Newport Beach, California. My family consists of my mom, my dad, and my 1 brother. I own two fluffy Portuguese Water Dogs named Sugar and Cubby. My favorite subjects in school are science and social studies. *Wink.*

My favorite T.V. show is “Steven Universe” on Cartoon Network. The movie I like the most is Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy.” The sport I like to play is volleyball. My favorite animal is a Panda Bear. The book I like the most is The Giver because it really left me thinking. Lastly, my favorite food is ramen.

Alright so like when you gave us this assignment you said you wanted us to spill our deepest secrets or whatever, I guess I’ll tell you something thats sort of a secret but yet not really; I like the show “My Little Pony.”  I’m going to give you a bit of a warning for later on in the year, I like to make a lot of references, so hopefully you can recognize them all! ;D

Alright this still has to be a letter so……

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Happy birthday Mom!


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