Just got back from Pandora.  This flick is out of this world. Seriously.  The colors and detail, the flora and the fauna…it’s impossible to tell what’s CGI and what’s not.  The colors rival those from an obscure movie I like, “What dreams may come”.  The girl Na’vi was kind of hot.  When Jake rides the Banshees (sp?), it’s a wild technocolor dream ride.  The battle scenes will blow my Call of Duty loving son’s mind.  

Speaking of Call of Duty, I was playing campaign with Josh last night and got totally sucked in.  To the point of nausea.  Josh is addicted but it allows him to stay in contact with his AZ friends through xbox live.  Graphics are very cool, but it’s totally violent.  The airport massacre scene….really?  Really?

Speaking of sick violence, I saw a preview for Piranha 3D today.  Looks wickedly sick.  And fishy.

On the job search front (to boldly seek employment where no me has been employed before — hopefully, not a five year mission): have a lunch on Thursday re: becoming the OC developer for a dessert chain; also got called for an interview with Chase next week.

On a completely different point, it has come to my attention that KISS has been eligible for the Rock & Roll hall of Fame since 1999 and have not been selected.  Travesty and I’m not even a fan.  May not be the greatest band in any measurably musical way, but they certainly have had a major impact and influence.  I mean ZZ Top, but not Simmons/Stanley/et al.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I enjoy a saccharine Abba song now and again, but they belong in a Pop hall of fame, not the R&R.  Genesis, who also get in, is probably less deserving….but they happen to be one of my favorite bands.  You got to get in to get out….

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