Hawk Skewers

Way to go Andre Dawson.  Not sure if you’re the most qualified of HOF inductees, but you were sure fun to watch and played your heart out.  You made watching the Flubbies watchable and I’m sure neither of us miss the Expos (one of the most ridiculous ballparks I’d ever visited).

On an aside, Andre sure had the heart but other players had better stats and bigger impacts (McGuire, Sosa, et al).  Yeah, yeah, year…steroids.  A) they weren’t illegal at the time, B) they were hitting off pitchers taking the roids, and C) don’t tell me old time ball players weren’t drinking, coking, taking greenies, etc.  Bonds is quite possibly the greatest ever, with or without the hormones.

My lovely bride, who happens to be a hospitality consultant, took me to Fogo de Chao today for lunch.  Fogo is a Brazillian  churracaria.  No, not a place that sells churros (although churros are a sweet treat), but an all you can eat steakhouse serving 15 types of meat on sticks.  I felt like a screaming banshee in a candy story.  We Chowed until we burst.  Bring on the meat sweats.

Today in the continuing saga of my search for employment:  as you recall, yesterday I mentioned I got an upcoming interview with a local Chase bank branch.  Today I got a corporate email saying that they received my resume and thanks….but no thanks!  I got that email….TWICE!!

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