Waiting for Godot

Our microwave blew-up 2 days ago in an extremely loud, fiery explosion — microwave shrapnel and un-popped Pop Secret popcorn kernels flying in every direction and dimension.   Not really…just sounded more dramatic.  Anywho, waited around all day today for the Eurocare appliance guy.  I didn’t know my appliance was European.  Turns out  we need a new flux capacitor MAGNUTRON, which will take 4 business days to order, upon which we will need a secondary appointment with Eurotrash.  The kids are going through popcorn withdrawals.  We are out of stove popped popcorn.

How did we survive growing up without a microwave.  I don’t remember life before internet.  Would literally die without Iphone.  Well, not literally…figuratively.  Remember the simpler times….way back…before remote controls(also, used to be a fun mtv show).  We would use our baby brother Justin as the remote (which reminds me:  the battery in our remote died too).  “Justin, Go change the channel”.  Justin was loving life when we got our first 2-button remote, that made that twangy clicking sound.  Of course, we only had 4 channels back then…so Justin didn’t have to get up too often.  And much to Jillian’s dismay, Cartoon Network wasn’t one of the 4 channels.  “So, how did you watch Scooby Doo?” she asked.

First the Magutron.  Then the tv remote battery.  It’s always something.  At least we have our health.  Oh wait, Jillian stayed home from school today with a cold.  Time to go chillax in front of the TV and eat some popcorn.  D’oh!

Took the dogs in to have their tempers dis’d today.  Cubby at 5.5 months weighs 48 pounds.  Fozzie, at his peak, was 49 lbs.  If Cubster continues to grow through 1 year, that would put him on pace to be 104.7 pounds.  We think he’s more likely to broach 60.

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2 Responses to Waiting for Godot

  1. justgreene says:

    Thanks for mentioning me.


  2. JG says:

    No problem Peeper.


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