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Lazy Sunday.  Slept in.  Sunday papers.  Old man CBS morning show.  Watched old man Favre knock off the annoying Dallas Cowboys.  He’s pretty inspirational for an old dude.  Almost made me want to get up off the couch.  But as I told the kids, “I’m sitting here doing nuthin’ all day.”  Watched the Chargers choke.  There goes my close to home town team to root for.  Played chess with Josh.  Annihilated Josh.  Ate Mcdonald’s and had a martini (breakfast of champions) as I watched the Golden Globes.  Lazy Sunday?  I’d say more like mission accomplished.

Josh, while watching the globes,”his name is Kevin Bacon?…..mmmm, bacon!”

Random Jillie quote:  “When I’m 17, will you buy me a long box to keep my memories in?”

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