Surviving the apocolypse

No, this is not another article about California’s biblical weather.  This is about living through another form of the dark ages.  Today is the 60th anniversary of the microwave oven (nee Radarange), thank you Old Man Show.  We have been without our microwave, now known as Mel, for 11 days.  11 DAYS, people.  The withdrawals.  The horrors.  How have we lasted so long, you ask?  Steph has gone so far as to have gone to the gas station to microwave popcorn, twice.  I reheated spaghetti in a frying pan.  Mmmm….fried spaghetti.  Potatoes were cooked in a, gasp, oven.  Oh, the humanity!  Eurocare returns tomorrow with our beloved new magnutron, whatever that is.

Little league has taken up the bulk of my weekend – 2 meetings yesterday and one today.  Positive coaching alliance with a Chris Farley motivational speaker was fairly entertaining.  Safety class talked about concussions, seizures, and impalements.  But strangely, not snake bites.  And today, I have a coaching clinic with the SC HS baseball coach.  This ll stuff is intense.  Working on tuesdays practice plan, weather permitting, prior to a 4 hour rules meeting.

Last night was date night.  We went to Vine in downtown SC.  Food was very flavorful, but pricey.  Had a hearts of romaine salad with tiajuana dressing (otherwise known as Caesar salad), iron steak with frites, and S had the coq au vin – which is French for white man’s chicken dinner.

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