More on Mel the Microwave

Yesterday, we had the microwave finally fixed.  As it turns out, its a magnetron, not magnutron.  An interesting gadget.  But what I find interesting is that, as you can see on the picture to the right, the sticky-out part (technical term) looks totally fried – like the whole microwave was on the verge of spontaneously combusting, releasing a nuclear discharge of, well, microwaves.  Better go check my pantry to see if I can still get in there or if all of our boxes of pop corn have vicariously popped.

And in the “it’s always something category,” today we had a lady out to estimate trimming back our trees.  A cool $1,080, by the way.  We have 15-20 trees.  But that’s not the shocking part.  She believes most of our 9 pine trees are beetle infested and probably can not be saved.  Not only would that be sad for the trees, but would cost way more than a thousand to remove/replace.  I’ve been on the phone with arborists all day trying to get some tree-age.  More later.

Our first baseball practice was rained out – before it even started to rain.  I still have a 4 hour rules meeting tonight though.  Yay.

On the job front:  sent my resume off into the internet abyss several more times today, frozen dessert is still pursuing me (picture an ice cream chasing me), I am contemplating a return to formal day trading, and I got a lead on a math tutoring gig.

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