Super Blah Sunday

Random thoughts:

Yesterday’s rain cancelled today’s ll practice. Yay.

Our company cancelled at last minute.

F’Brees stinkin’ it up early.

Wife makes the best guacamole (said in an autotune voice).

Josh running around like a banshee.

Even the violin playing beaver can get a job.

Maybe it’s because I actually wear pants.

Me want to go to the Bud Light Lost island.

How ’bout my wifey making jambalaya and beignets.

Beer here.

Jilly just fell off the couch. She’s ok.  No, she wasn’t drinking beer.

Watched the puppy bowl. Too cute. After the old man show, of course.

Punxsutawney Palamato (?). Hee hee.

C’mon Saints.

Arcade Fire. Nice

Who dat be singing.  The Who.  The Who be old. Cool laser show.

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