Literary Tuesday – Saltwater Buddha

A light quest for Zen and the perfect wave.  Left me thirsty.  It’s the saltwater.  Seriously, it’s a shame I’m so wimpy about the cold water because I’m looking forward to getting back out there (and hopefully, on a wave) in the near future.   I’ve also been reading White Tiger, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, and Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom.  I’m a busy beaver.

In the “What will they think up next” category, bacon in the waffles.  Bacon:  the king of all meats.  Starting work has been pushed back to at least Wednesday.  So, the bride and I went to San Diego’s world famous Hash House a Go Go (now, also in Vegas) yesterday for some brunch.  Shared the sage fried chicken and waffle tower, with eggs.  A more gourmet, upscale version of Lo Lo’s.  (pssst….Lo’s is better, but it’s not dining al fresco in San Diego).

Off to batting practice for the Oh and 6 Sun Devils.  Brutal.

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One Response to Literary Tuesday – Saltwater Buddha

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a heart attack meal.


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