List Monday – Yiddish words for penis

Just my attempt at keeping the culture alive:

(Addendum:  this being my most sought out blog entry, I thought I’d erect a more etymologically detailed post)

  • schmuck – actually from the Yiddish word shmok, where it’s original meaning of penis has also deviated into fool, and is responsible for the derivation shmoe.  The entomology comes from either the German schmuck (which means jewelry or adornments and thus:  the family jewels) or the old Polish smok, meaning dragon/serpent.
  • schmeckel – Yiddish for small penis, which begs the question what is Yiddish for large penis?  Can be shortened when referring to a baby’s penis, as mekki.  Possibly derived from schmuck.
  • putz – a diminutive form of penis, similar to the word “prick”.  Possibly from a Yiddish word puts, meaning ornament.
  • shvantz – from the German for tail (in latin, penis means both tail and male genitalia)
  • shtupper – from shtup, which means push (a vulgarism for sexual intercourse).  Also, to fill, stuff or fatten up (as in a turkey before thanksgiving).
  • schlong – penis, or from Yiddish shlang or snake or even one reference for “troublesome wife”.  possibly, a reference to a larger penis – there you go.
  • petzl – dirty penis, possibly derived from a variant of small boy or toddler
  • petseleh – a little petzl
  • shtickl – a small penis, from the Yiddish for a little piece or schtik, which can refer to a comedy routine
  • eyver or (menlekhe) eyvrim – (a recent add) from the Yiddish for limb of the body
  • mileh or mile – (another recent add) that i haven’t discovered much  about yet.
After years of extensive research (and field work), I have finally come up with Yiddish words for female genitalia:  shmoonda or shmoochky or shmue.  Also, oyse mokem which vaguely means that spot.
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