Gangsta Imperialism

Jordan is outraged.  No, not me.  Not even Michael Jordan.  The Hashemite Kingdom, however,  is a-tizzy.  The brutally barbaric burning of its captured and encaged pilot, a Muslim, has set off a firestorm.  Abdullah returned to Amman.  And two ISIS prisoners, one female, were swiftly hung in retaliation.  I’m outraged that until recently, the Jordanians blamed the downing of the pilot on their participation in a US-led coalition.  It took this fiery fatality to make them realize that ISIS is nothing more than armed posers making a land grab, veiled behind a version of Islam not recognized by 99% of the Muslim world.

Jordan is ishkabible.  Am I feeling under the weather?  Am I seeing spots?  No.  Because I was immunized.  Thanks to my non-inbred (thank you Ancestry DNA test), non-blindly conservative nor ridiculously liberal, science believing parents.  Measles were battled to the brink, but is trying to fight it’s way back one unvaccinated body at a time and make a new beachhead–just like ISIS.  Yet, even the cretins of ISIS vaccinate.

Jordan is discombobulated.  Speaking of Jordan and land grabs:  the Seattle Seahawks were half a yard (18 inches) from winning all the marbles.  Would ISIS pass?  Would the measles?  Would Michael Jordan?  No.  You give it to Lynch (a name ISIS can get behind). Instead, the New England Deflatriots walk away with the W and Tom Brady’s 4th title.  Some argue that he’s the greatest passer ever.  But what would MJ have to say about that?  “Talk to me when he has 6!”

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