I blog, therefore I am. I prattle this prose to spit in the long, weathered face of time everlasting. I dabble in this dribble to leave an existential record, hoping these megabytes mega-last. This blog is chronicle of family history, a wannabe travel log, a forum to rant, a place to be silly, and when I’m really lazy, a makeshift photo album. In essence, it’s a blog with an identity crisis – like it’s blogger overseer.

I am a former options trader, busboy, camp counselor, dishwasher, life guard, mortgage broker, fry cook, telemarketer, steel worker, mutual fund salesman, and stay at home dad. A Renaissance man and aspiring bon vivant/raconteur. I live in California (the all action state) with my wife, 2 kids, 2 dogs and hammock.


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