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Family at play

It was cold and rainy in San Clemente, Coaching my first born, my Kunta Kinte. Would we play little league in this tsunami? I did not know, I am no swami. With our furry portie, a cute dog named Cubbie, by the lonely palm … Continue reading

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Super Blah Sunday

Random thoughts: Yesterday’s rain cancelled today’s ll practice. Yay. Our company cancelled at last minute. F’Brees stinkin’ it up early. Wife makes the best guacamole (said in an autotune voice). Josh running around like a banshee. Even the violin playing … Continue reading

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A conversation between Fozzie and Cubby

Characters: Fozzie as Old Man Dog (OMD) Cubby as Young Pup (YP) Scene: Living room, Fozzie on couch, Cubby in playpen YP:  OK, the two-legged non-furry ones are gone.  Let’s find the trash OMD:  (Yawns) sounds like fun but you … Continue reading

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A day in the life in SLO

Woke up.  Got out of bed.  Dragged a crapmeat omelet down my gullet.  Off to the wineries and a taste before noon.  Enjoyed a nice viognier.  Took the dogs to a dog beach in Pismo.  Cubby took to it like … Continue reading

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Baseball been berry berry good to me

Spent the day watching other kids try out for little league.  Thousands of 9-11 year olds.  Well, not thousands, but for 5 hours.  It’s exhausting.  I’ve agree to (i.e. suckered into) coaching Josh’s team.  So, the kids tryout and next … Continue reading

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Hawk Skewers

Way to go Andre Dawson.  Not sure if you’re the most qualified of HOF inductees, but you were sure fun to watch and played your heart out.  You made watching the Flubbies watchable and I’m sure neither of us miss … Continue reading

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Just got back from Pandora.  This flick is out of this world. Seriously.  The colors and detail, the flora and the fauna…it’s impossible to tell what’s CGI and what’s not.  The colors rival those from an obscure movie I like, … Continue reading

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