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Don’t wear white after labor day…

…and other things that they told us that were wrong. Don’t wear whitish clothing after the first monday in September.  This antiquated etiquette rule, forged out of aristocratic snobbery, no longer has any functional validity – especially in tropical SoCal. … Continue reading

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List Monday – Top 10 Yiddish Words to Keep Alive

Ish kabibble – Ish was actually an old time comedian/cornet player.  It was his stage name, based on a mock yiddish term, roughly meaning “no worries”.  It is probably derived from the yiddish “nisht gefidlt,” which mean “it doesn’t matter to … Continue reading

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My 5 favorite movies

1.  Afterhours –  Martin Scorcese at his most experimental.  This absurdist story of a man trying to get home while haunted by paperweight bagels rings true for me.  Perhaps, having first watched it while altered in college, I still find … Continue reading

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