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Intelligence leak

I am an agent of Central Intelligence, an analyst for the National Security Agency, and a member of Seal Team Seven.  That’s one better than Seal Team Six.  My mission:  to take out the guy who took out Bin Laden. … Continue reading

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I am not a labradoodle!

a monologue, by Cubby     I am not a labradoodle.  The other day, I was walking my master through the Dana Point Whale Festival.  I couldn’t step more than four paws without being gawked at, impeded, and even man-handled. … Continue reading

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The Awesome Adventures of Suuuuuuu-per Cubby the Wonderdog

Gifted with nuclear, electro-magnetic, and ocean-breeze powered strength, our hero loyally protects the homestead against threatening tyranny….especially lizards in the yard.  But, on occasion, a superhero may find himself with a lack of ferocious foes and, well, get bored.  Not … Continue reading

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Scene from a Cubby’s walk

notice the little guy below

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Suuuuuuper Cubby

Cubby doesn’t like it when it rains:

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Happy National Dog Day

Sure, he looks all innocent…but for National Dog Day, he celebrated by attacking a bag of goldfish pretzels and a CapriSun….respect the pouch!

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Happy Birfday America

A new family tradition began (and possibly ended) today.  Hot dogs for breakfast.  Got to be more nutritious than Apple Jacks, right?  Anyway, we have long been fans of competitive eating and have followed the annual Nathan’s 4th of July … Continue reading

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