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Where in the world is the wife?

Three months ago, they made my wife an offer she couldn’t refuse: See the world! Sure, it’s one city per day (and by “city” I mostly mean airport), but it’s a different city each day. Right now she’s on her … Continue reading

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International Bacon Day (and not the Kevin kind)

Homer: I’ll have the smiley face breakfast special. Uhh, but could you add a bacon nose? Plus bacon hair, bacon mustache, five o’clock shadow made of bacon bits and a bacon body. Waitress: How about I just shove a pig … Continue reading

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Cold leftovers

Today, on the continuing saga of searching for employment:   I applied for a cool job at the Irvine Company, found something cooler at Blizzard Entertainment, and after a desperate Facebook cry for help, found a financial lead from a … Continue reading

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Free lunch

Today I met with Fred from the frozen dessert franchise chain for a business lunch at Houston’s.  He was basically a franchise guy working for franchise people.  Also, evidently there are other interested parties in the OC area.  Meal was … Continue reading

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Just got back from Pandora.  This flick is out of this world. Seriously.  The colors and detail, the flora and the fauna…it’s impossible to tell what’s CGI and what’s not.  The colors rival those from an obscure movie I like, … Continue reading

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A day at the beach

Today I renewed my job search with a higher sense of urgency (plus, the kids went back to school today — freedom, at last).  I am a former stock options market maker, so basically, I am qualified at yelling and … Continue reading

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