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A conversation between two dogs

setting:  Cubby Bear, the Portuguese Water Dog, perched upon his couch alternating between licking and scratching and Sugar Bear, the other Portuguese Water Dog, rolling around on her back on the carpet… Cubby:  I hear-by call this meeting of canines … Continue reading

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I am not a labradoodle!

a monologue, by Cubby     I am not a labradoodle.  The other day, I was walking my master through the Dana Point Whale Festival.  I couldn’t step more than four paws without being gawked at, impeded, and even man-handled. … Continue reading

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Old man dog…

Happy 13th bday to our practice son, Acadia’s Couer de la Mer Fozzie the Bear.  He may be 91 (dog years), but he’s still got that spunk (another great dog, btw).  We love our little man in a fur coat.

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A conversation between Fozzie and Cubby – II

Characters: Fozzie as Old Man Dog (OMD) Cubby as Young Pup (YP) Scene: Dogs on couch YP:  Why do you always get the middle of the couch? OMD:  (Yawns) Because I’m not a furry blob named Cubby. YP:  Hey, it’s … Continue reading

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A conversation between Fozzie and Cubby

Characters: Fozzie as Old Man Dog (OMD) Cubby as Young Pup (YP) Scene: Living room, Fozzie on couch, Cubby in playpen YP:  OK, the two-legged non-furry ones are gone.  Let’s find the trash OMD:  (Yawns) sounds like fun but you … Continue reading

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My 5 favorite movies

1.  Afterhours –  Martin Scorcese at his most experimental.  This absurdist story of a man trying to get home while haunted by paperweight bagels rings true for me.  Perhaps, having first watched it while altered in college, I still find … Continue reading

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