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Wave goodbye to summer

Hurricane Marie said adios to Cabo and shimmied up the coast. The storm’s runoff produced waves not seen along southern Cali for over 15 years – 25 footers at The Wedge.  My favorite beach, Aliso Creek, has practically been washed … Continue reading

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These are the days of our lives…

Survived another encounter with the electric hedge trimmer.  (I wonder if it’s friends with the magnutron.)  No body parts were maimed in the taming of the shrubs.  The plants, however, may beg to differ.  Hey, they’ll grow back, I think.  That … Continue reading

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The week in review

Started work Wednesday.  Actually, just training.  Training entails watching inane econ 101 videos and mock trading.  Mock trading entails making fake, paper trades just to get used to the keyboard system.  I was pretty happy trading for nickels and dimes, … Continue reading

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The week in review

The past 7 days felt like 10 minutes.  Ten minutes underwater.  The rain has not let up.  But on the bright side, the earthquakes and tornados and general world-coming-to-an-end stuff has.  The recent weather, however, is a nice metaphor for … Continue reading

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