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list Monday – Puking

vomiting throwing up up-chucking tossing doughnuts hurling yakking ralph chucking biscuits heaving be seasick disgorging regurgitating retching spewing barfing losing lunch spewing cookies technicolor yawning blowing chunks making love to the commode pray to the porcelain god Advertisements

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list Monday – Favorite Cereal

Apple Jacks Frosted Flakes Nut & Honey Corn Flakes (discontinued) Alpha Bits Froot Loops Frosted Krispies Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berries Golden Crisp Lucky Charms Product 19 honorable mention:  King Vitamin

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List Monday – States of the Union

That I’ve been to: Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky (only drove through, would go back) Louisiana Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Mississippi Missouri Nebraska Nevada New Jersey New Mexico New York N. Carolina … Continue reading

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Last list monday of the year…Goals for 2011

Survive 2011 (i.e. no major belly button surgery or such…) Trade consistently profitable at an increasing rate (sub-goal:  out-trade my mentor, JM) Take family to Europe (well, not all of it….just the highlights) Read more (and read more in Europe) … Continue reading

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List Monday – Year in review

Kids first sushi restaurant San Luis Obispo Las Vegas with wife Segway tour of Newport Beach Arizona  San Diego with wife Atlantis  San Francisco New hammock New York with wife sailing camp Chicago trip (without me) Myrtle Beach Arizona, again … Continue reading

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things I want to show kids in London, Paris, Italy (if we go)…

Big Ben Tower of London Eye Greene King Ale Westminster Chunnel Eiffel Tower Louvre Rodin’s house McDonald’s on the Champs De ellysee bursting sidewalk fountain Venice’s Jewish quarter Ponte Vecchio Il Duomo Tower of Pisa Vatican City Bocca del Verita … Continue reading

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Chanukah presents, so far…

soap socks wafer cookies & Cherry RC cola almond cookies flannel shirts (both Chanukah and Christmas colored) computer software waffle, eye pad (literally) Hooray for Hanukah Harry!!!

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