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The week in review

Started work Wednesday.  Actually, just training.  Training entails watching inane econ 101 videos and mock trading.  Mock trading entails making fake, paper trades just to get used to the keyboard system.  I was pretty happy trading for nickels and dimes, … Continue reading

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Family at play

It was cold and rainy in San Clemente, Coaching my first born, my Kunta Kinte. Would we play little league in this tsunami? I did not know, I am no swami. With our furry portie, a cute dog named Cubbie, by the lonely palm … Continue reading

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Super Blah Sunday

Random thoughts: Yesterday’s rain cancelled today’s ll practice. Yay. Our company cancelled at last minute. F’Brees stinkin’ it up early. Wife makes the best guacamole (said in an autotune voice). Josh running around like a banshee. Even the violin playing … Continue reading

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The week in review

They say it never rains in southern California.  They lied.  Who are they anyway?  Do they know Pete?  Do they know the way to San Jose?  Do they know who invented liquid soap and why?  To sum up:  this week … Continue reading

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El primero de febrero

If February give much snow A fine Summer it doth foreshow. – English proverb January be gone.  Welcome the shortest, darkest of months.  The blog survived its first month, spewing its putrid prose on a daily basis.  Let’s see if we … Continue reading

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Surviving the apocolypse

No, this is not another article about California’s biblical weather.  This is about living through another form of the dark ages.  Today is the 60th anniversary of the microwave oven (nee Radarange), thank you Old Man Show.  We have been … Continue reading

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Just another day in paradise

California – the action state.  Motto:  all action, all the time (said in a Schwartzenegger accent).  Today we had hail, flash floods, mudslides, tornados, waterspouts, serious surf, and gusty winds.  Did I mentioned that it rained.  Gotta get going on … Continue reading

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