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Bad news Bears…

After 16 inglorious defeats (a coup attempt, a barrage of hate emails, and a stern talking to by a grouchy old umpire), the AAA Sun Devils of the San Clemente little league won their final game of the regular season … Continue reading

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Coup d’moi

So the little league team is 0 and 13.  Feels like 0 and a gazillion.  Tuesday night’s game was one of the sloppiest losses yet.  Fortunately, Josh wasn’t a part of this fiasco, as he was getting his braces on. … Continue reading

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Literary Tuesday – Saltwater Buddha

A light quest for Zen and the perfect wave.  Left me thirsty.  It’s the saltwater.  Seriously, it’s a shame I’m so wimpy about the cold water because I’m looking forward to getting back out there (and hopefully, on a wave) … Continue reading

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The week in review

Mowed the lawn. Saw a movie:  She’s Out of My League.  It was mildly amusing.  Seemed like the movie was made with the sole purpose of employing a running “manscaping” joke.  Also, didn’t really buy the chemistry between the two … Continue reading

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Go Go Greene

Just settling in after a whirlwind trip to the desert of my past.  After blowing off ll practice (they lost without me on Sunday, btw, so it isn’t me….although I am the one who picked the team – no fantasy … Continue reading

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The week in review

Well, our Arizona company came and went.  A couple of Steph’s lady friends and their daughters.  Jilly had a blast.  I survived the heightened estrogen levels. Took the dogs to Laguna dog park.  Cubby had an especially good time (no, … Continue reading

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The week in review

Another largely uneventful week here in the OC, which is sometimes better than an eventful week.  It’s still cold and damp, can’t handle these 60’s…..brrr.  More rain a’comin.  Jilly tried turning on the fireplace with the wall switch.  Only this … Continue reading

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