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Sept 5

Today is the 248th day of the year.  Only 117 left.  More than two thirds of the year is over, fin, kaput.  Where has it gone?  Why wasn’t there more beach time this unseasonably cool summer.  And why aren’t the … Continue reading

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These are the days of our lives…

Survived another encounter with the electric hedge trimmer.  (I wonder if it’s friends with the magnutron.)  No body parts were maimed in the taming of the shrubs.  The plants, however, may beg to differ.  Hey, they’ll grow back, I think.  That … Continue reading

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The week in review

Mowed the lawn. Saw a movie:  She’s Out of My League.  It was mildly amusing.  Seemed like the movie was made with the sole purpose of employing a running “manscaping” joke.  Also, didn’t really buy the chemistry between the two … Continue reading

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Attack of the Magnutron

Dawn was breaking.  It had been a cold and damp San Clemente night.  The chair creaked as I sat down to blog my daily entry.  Cubby, who had followed me downstairs, soon retreated back to the bed’s warmth.  The pines … Continue reading

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Family at play

It was cold and rainy in San Clemente, Coaching my first born, my Kunta Kinte. Would we play little league in this tsunami? I did not know, I am no swami. With our furry portie, a cute dog named Cubbie, by the lonely palm … Continue reading

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The week in review

Another largely uneventful week here in the OC, which is sometimes better than an eventful week.  It’s still cold and damp, can’t handle these 60’s…..brrr.  More rain a’comin.  Jilly tried turning on the fireplace with the wall switch.  Only this … Continue reading

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More on Mel the Microwave

Yesterday, we had the microwave finally fixed.  As it turns out, its a magnetron, not magnutron.  An interesting gadget.  But what I find interesting is that, as you can see on the picture to the right, the sticky-out part (technical … Continue reading

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