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All action, all of the time

    – the California state motto. Earthquakes, aftershocks, and tsunamis, oh my.  Haiti, Japan and Chile.  More torrential rains and mudslides locally.  Jilly falling asleep (how does one sleep with all this action?) on her brother in the car.  And … Continue reading

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The week in review

The lovely bride’s SUV, of the 2004 vintage, hit 170,000 miles today.  That’s a lot of miles.  If you laid them from end to end, it would cover 170,000 miles.  Going to need a new car or three someday. The … Continue reading

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Just another day in paradise

California – the action state.  Motto:  all action, all the time (said in a Schwartzenegger accent).  Today we had hail, flash floods, mudslides, tornados, waterspouts, serious surf, and gusty winds.  Did I mentioned that it rained.  Gotta get going on … Continue reading

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