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Coked up bear mauls intrepid explorer, paws for a soda

Proud (and a bit jealous) of the worldy wifey as she takes to her new travel job like a fish out of water. She’s already been to Hawaii, cancun, and exotic Houston. She’s a traveling machine. Anthony Bourdain has got … Continue reading

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List Monday – Top 10 Yiddish Words to Keep Alive

Ish kabibble – Ish was actually an old time comedian/cornet player.  It was his stage name, based on a mock yiddish term, roughly meaning “no worries”.  It is probably derived from the yiddish “nisht gefidlt,” which mean “it doesn’t matter to … Continue reading

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Ants in the Pants

And now, a limerick: There once was a boy from Buffalo Grove, who had incurable shpilkes, by Jove! Whenever he would settle somewhere, he could not wait to get out of there. So he got into his Jaguar and drove.

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