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The week in review

Another largely uneventful week here in the OC, which is sometimes better than an eventful week.  It’s still cold and damp, can’t handle these 60’s…..brrr.  More rain a’comin.  Jilly tried turning on the fireplace with the wall switch.  Only this … Continue reading

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More Cowbell

Firstly, I’d like to give a big shout out to my P’s for watching the two animals….and my dogs.  Thanks for driving out.  Sorry the canines took time to settle down after we left and especially for the dukey in … Continue reading

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Mas Vegas

Started the day with some buffet. Strolled City Center. Some real cool architecture. Aria looked chic, with a real masculine looking casino. Nicest looking craps tables I’ve seen. Unfortunately, not so nice to me. Gambling fun when winning; not so … Continue reading

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Living Las Vegas

Drove to Vegas with my baby today. Vegas, baby. Barstow, Yermo, Zzyzx, and Baker whizzed by. Staying at the PH. Hard Rock/W wannabe. Apparently you don’t always double down on 11. Nacho at Serendipity 3. Met the Perry’s at Monte … Continue reading

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Happy VD

Survived our first ll scrimmage today…if you count a 21-5 drubbing as surviving.  Josh, actually, did a good job pitching…not much velocity but got the ball over decently.  Coaching was exhausting. Off to VD dinner at Peking Dragon, yum, with … Continue reading

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Winter break recap

It has been a fun-filled Winter break, over way too quickly.  We took the kids, and Cubby, skiing and sledding for the first time.  Jilly took to it like a fish out of snow – a real natural ski bunny. … Continue reading

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