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Where in the world is the wife?

Three months ago, they made my wife an offer she couldn’t refuse: See the world! Sure, it’s one city per day (and by “city” I mostly mean airport), but it’s a different city each day. Right now she’s on her … Continue reading

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Coked up bear mauls intrepid explorer, paws for a soda

Proud (and a bit jealous) of the worldy wifey as she takes to her new travel job like a fish out of water. She’s already been to Hawaii, cancun, and exotic Houston. She’s a traveling machine. Anthony Bourdain has got … Continue reading

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Life is a box of cereal….

Life socked me for quite a loss the other day.  Literally.  While equity trading, specifically a stock with the ticker “LIFE”, I got run over.  Twice.  Isn’t it ironic.  Life can really beat you down.  I tried to buy the … Continue reading

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Blog Prog

This blog is a celebration.  Life is awesome.  Literally.  I am in awe as to how challenging, joyous, stressful, sweet, frustrating and full of beauty life can be.  My loving and challenging wife never ceases to amaze me.  My loving … Continue reading

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TJ’s travels

TJ had been getting attacked on all sides, taking a pummeling from a plethora of pugnacious punks. He was in critical condition, on the brink of collapse. TJ, however, was not one to readily throw in the proverbial towel. Just … Continue reading

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Literary Tuesday – The Daily Trading Coach

Today at work:  I was having an OK morning, until the trading platform went down.  But that didn’t stop me.  And then we blew an electrical fuse.  But that didn’t stop me.  And then I was assigned homework reading by … Continue reading

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TJ’s Terrific Travels and Terrible Travails

TJ had spent the prior day facing off against a record 19,400 monsters.  He emerged largely unscathed, but his weaponry and armor had taken a severe beating.  And yet, our hero began feeling more confident and readied to face a … Continue reading

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