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Kim Jong Un must die!

No, not really.  Well…maybe.  He is a ruthless dictator who brutally represses his people, or so I’m told.  And, he has a bad haircut.  But, I digress.   The point is I am utilizing this scarcely read blog o’mine to … Continue reading

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Intelligence leak

I am an agent of Central Intelligence, an analyst for the National Security Agency, and a member of Seal Team Seven.  That’s one better than Seal Team Six.  My mission:  to take out the guy who took out Bin Laden. … Continue reading

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Vitriolic blog rant on the state of pop rubbish

The wrong person “won” on American Idle (the populous must have lethargically assumed that the deserving crooner would get sufficient ballots).  Not only could Jena Irene out sing that Rock Star parody Caleb What’s-his-name, but she could play piano and re-work … Continue reading

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List Monday – Top 10 Yiddish Words to Keep Alive

Ish kabibble – Ish was actually an old time comedian/cornet player.  It was his stage name, based on a mock yiddish term, roughly meaning “no worries”.  It is probably derived from the yiddish “nisht gefidlt,” which mean “it doesn’t matter to … Continue reading

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