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Gangsta Imperialism

Jordan is outraged.  No, not me.  Not even Michael Jordan.  The Hashemite Kingdom, however,  is a-tizzy.  The brutally barbaric burning of its captured and encaged pilot, a Muslim, has set off a firestorm.  Abdullah returned to Amman.  And two ISIS prisoners, … Continue reading

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Intelligence leak

I am an agent of Central Intelligence, an analyst for the National Security Agency, and a member of Seal Team Seven.  That’s one better than Seal Team Six.  My mission:  to take out the guy who took out Bin Laden. … Continue reading

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…is just another word for nothing left to lose.  So, Scotland squandered it’s historic chance for independence from the United Kingdom and its evil queen (Maleficent has nothing on Lizzy).  They voted 55% to 45% to stay within the familiar … Continue reading

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Don’t wear white after labor day…

…and other things that they told us that were wrong. Don’t wear whitish clothing after the first monday in September.  This antiquated etiquette rule, forged out of aristocratic snobbery, no longer has any functional validity – especially in tropical SoCal. … Continue reading

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Vitriolic blog rant on the state of pop rubbish

The wrong person “won” on American Idle (the populous must have lethargically assumed that the deserving crooner would get sufficient ballots).  Not only could Jena Irene out sing that Rock Star parody Caleb What’s-his-name, but she could play piano and re-work … Continue reading

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Blog Prog

This blog is a celebration.  Life is awesome.  Literally.  I am in awe as to how challenging, joyous, stressful, sweet, frustrating and full of beauty life can be.  My loving and challenging wife never ceases to amaze me.  My loving … Continue reading

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