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Gangsta Imperialism

Jordan is outraged.  No, not me.  Not even Michael Jordan.  The Hashemite Kingdom, however,  is a-tizzy.  The brutally barbaric burning of its captured and encaged pilot, a Muslim, has set off a firestorm.  Abdullah returned to Amman.  And two ISIS prisoners, … Continue reading

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Son of Blog

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Kim Jong Un must die!

No, not really.  Well…maybe.  He is a ruthless dictator who brutally represses his people, or so I’m told.  And, he has a bad haircut.  But, I digress.   The point is I am utilizing this scarcely read blog o’mine to … Continue reading

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Happy birthday Dude!

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Happy birthday Peeper!

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A letter Jilly wrote

Jillian Period 3/4 September 7, 2014 Dear Mrs.Hanley, My name is Jillian , I was born on June 23, 2003, in Newport Beach, California. My family consists of my mom, my dad, and my 1 brother. I own two fluffy … Continue reading

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Happy birthday Mom!

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